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Should You charge your phone overnight?

Should You charge your phone overnight?

A great amount of discussion has been held on the internet on this question. Whether you choose to charge your phone overnight or not is entirely up to you but the fact is, leaving it to charge overnight is actually good for your phone’s battery.

To fully understand the topic we first have to understand the difference between lithium and nickel based batteries. Most of you probably already know that the majority of today’s technology runs on lithium ion batteries. However, years ago, batteries were primarily made with nickel like the energizer and the duracell batteries that you buy in superstores. Nickel based batteries tend to have a cyclic memory that means that if they weren’t given full charges between cycles, they might forget their full capacity and remember the point to which they were last charged as being their maximum charged capacity. Many of us haven’t even had nickel based batteries in our cell phones as the transition from nickel based batteries to lithium ion batteries occurred some time during the early two thousands.

However, lithium based batteries didn’t suffer from the memory phenomenon that was exhibited by the nickel based batteries. Lithium based batteries reshaped the mobile industry and had a major role in the invention of new technology. For one thing , they’re able to hold a lot more power while remaining fairly compact which has allowed mobile phones to become increasingly thin and small as the years have progressed. Also, lithium ion batteries have a longer life span and recharge fairly quickly.The one con with lithium based batteries however is temperature sensitivity.

The most significant threat to your lithium ion or lithium polymer battery is heat. Now granted that the cold is equally as bad for your battery as the heat but the latter is much more relevant as everyone experiences that when they leave their phones to charge overnight. The charging temperature for lithium batteries, which means the temperature at which a battery is capable of receiving a charge is 32-114 °F. They can also discharge at a temperature as low as minus 4°F. Fast charging technologies work best between warmer temperatures. Precisely around 41°f – 113°F, with no charge capable of occurring when the temperature is lower than 32°F.

A lithium based battery can discharge at temperatures far below freezing so keeping them in your freezer wont prevent them from self charging.  A lithium ion battery also gets warmer as it charges. As it gets warmer, it charges faster. However since batteries cant hold more than it’s capacity, after reaching a full charge, the battery expands the excessive power by giving it off as heat energy. Overnight charging only becomes a problem when the battery has no way to re-route the incoming current after reaching its full capacity. This may sound bad for your phone but there’s actually a solution to this problem.

Over the years our mobile phones have gotten a lot smarter. They can actually stop charging when the battery has reached its full capacity and start to use the connected charger as its primary power source. This allows you to wake up to a fully charged battery while your phone remains powered throughout the night. However it doesn’t just stop here. It is true that the charging habits that you have can effect the longevity of the battery. If your goal is to extend the life of your phone or your battery then the most viable option is to keep the charge between 10% and 90%. Not letting your phone drain to 0% or fully charged to a 100% will extend the life of your battery.


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