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Month: February 2017

Galaxy S7 edge – should you buy in 2017?

the season of the flagships is upon us and so i decided to look back at Samsung’s flagship of yesteryear, the Galaxy S7/ galaxy S7 edge. There were many flagship phones released in 2016 but the Galaxy S7 was on the top. This, however, is very subjective and other people may have different opinions but many agree with the Galaxy S7 being the best flagship of 2016. Design The Galaxy s7 had two variants, much like its predecessor, the galaxy s6. An edge and a normal variant, with the edge variant having a curved screen from both the left...

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iPhone 6 in 2017 – still relevant?

While the iPhone 8 leaks and rumors are on the high i decided to take a step back and look at Apple’s flagship of 2014, the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 was a welcome edition after the iPhone 5 and 5s as it had a larger , 4.7 ” screen, compared to its predecessors. This was the age of smartphones where ‘bigger’ meant ‘better’ and Apple decided to follow the trend. It was a very smart move as the iPhone 6 was one of the most successful iPhones ever. Apple also implemented a metal unibody design for the iPhone...

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Do you need antivirus for your phone?

In this day and age you probably need some kind of antivirus to protect your computers from nasty malwares and viruses, that can potentially cause a lot of damage. However do you do need antivirus on your phone? The first thing that you need to understand about viruses and why some platforms have them more compared to others, is because those platforms are more widely used across the world. Take for example Microsoft’s Windows. Many people rely on windows to power their computers and most of the world’s population which own a computer have windows installed on it ,...

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Android vs iOS – Key Differences

Perhaps one of the most talked about things is whether Android or iOS is the better mobile operating system and many have argued over it but have failed to answer the question completely. Many people who do argue are labeled by the society as ‘fanboys’ or ‘Geeks’ as these people seem to be the only ones who care enough about their mobile devices to argue over which operating system is better. Therefore, Geeks and normal Users have very different needs and priorities. Android and iOS thus cater to those needs in their own unique fashion and so the difference...

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How to transfer spotify playlist to apple music

Ever since the release of Apple music, Music lovers have been enjoying the very popular music streaming service on their Apple devices. However Apple music is competition to other services like Spotify or radio and people who have already purchased subscription on other services such as Spotify , may have some difficulty recreating their playlists on Apple music but don’t worry. By the end of this article you have successfully imported all your playlists from Spotify to Apple music. The folks over at have created an app, which is only available for mac at this point in time,...

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