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Month: January 2017

How To Jailbreak iOS 10.2 (All Devices)

So basically by now most of you already know what jailbreaking is and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t harm your device in any way, most of the time any way. However that was only a warning to try this at your own discretion and at your own risk because jailbreaking now has become so easy and stable, sort of like rooting on android, that you dont have to worry about a thing. By jailbreaking your iPhone, you can try out all kinds of new things and customize your iPhone to truly be your own. For example the very...

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Supercharge your MacBook pro (2016)

When the new Macbooks launched i was pretty skeptical at first as the notebooks only had the one thunderbolt port. You couldn’t really do much with them. However an idea that comes to mind is that in this age anything is possible and that included connecting an external GPU to supercharge your MacBook for Gaming purposes. Well its not as easy as i just made that sound. It is true that the MacBooks have a thunderbolt 3 port and external gpu’s are also connected through thunderbolt 3 ports, Apple unfortunately hasn’t made it super easy for the average consumer...

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